Thursday, July 06, 2006

Crazy Busy

Oh. I thought I was out for a nice Sunday boat ride. Now I am falling over Niagara, and I think one of my contacts has fallen out.
Edward Hallowell, M.D. in his book, Crazy Busy, writes about the incredible amount of things women have to keep straight in the current era. The author, clearly after my own heart, entitles the short chapter "Why Women Have It Harder Than Men."
There is a "dizzying list of ...available targets" for my attention right now. I am getting ready for law school, filing paperwork, planning and adjusting the family budget, scheduling classes and prep classes and orientation, networking for next summer's internship, and reading law books.
At the same time, I am finishing three major documents for my current job - over 200 pages of information I must either write or assemble - all in the next 13 days.
On still the same days, I am helping Satya and Kuruna adjust to a new school and new routine. I am scheduling their doctor's appointments, making their lunches, planning activities for us before I vanish into law school.
...And yet still somewhere in this list I am trying to find time to help a friend campaign for Vermont House. The list, friends, goes on.
I know there are others who, with grace and ease, manage lives more complex, jobs more stressful. How?
So that takes care of the "falling over Niagara" part.
Now, to the lost "contact."
Besides the slightly overwhelming feeling I have about the speed with which life seems to be escaping my control, I am also panicked that I will not have the tools I need to get through these challenges (the contact) and that I will miss the details, in particular the quality, of life if I am too overwhelmed by the massive amounts of "stuff" I have to deal with.
My point? I don't know. I am too busy to come up with one.