Sunday, December 25, 2005

New Year's Revolution

I have heard the wimpers of a coup d'etat in the halls of my unconscious; and I am not impressed. I have seen it before. The do-gooders, the change-agents, the liberal reformers--all adorned in stately idealisms--have got themselves riled up again to campaign anew. The annual bout of amnesia has set in, erasing year upon year of failed crusades from memory, making room for false courage and false loyalties. To listen one would hear nought but "discipline, health, spiritual growth and public service."To witness, all is planning, strategy, and "optimizing!"
Yet, I stand as proof agaist these voices of Janian renewal. There will be no usurpation, no regime change. The status quo will prevail! Renewed dedication to fiscal responsibility? No! Thrice weekly runs at lunch? Not! Meditation twice a day? Don't think so. Twenty hours of public service? Afraid not. A perennial victory in a war of attrition.

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