Friday, June 16, 2006

mulling over law school

I start law school in the fall. My class is already starting to assemble via a Yahoo list-serv and (Ugh, dare i say it?!) a MySpace site. I have been reading through the posts with interest and -- truth be known-- some jealousy and uneasiness. They are all young and energetic. Many have dogs they love. They are talking about hobbies, outdoor recreation, language tutorials and house warming parties. They are recounting recent undergraduate degrees and internships at lawfirms.

I don't have a dog.

Why am I doing this? I wonder. As much as I know I am doing the right thing going to law school, I am full of doubt. How will I do? Will I really be able to gain the skills in writing I need? Will I be able to make law review? Can I compete. Do I have the stamina? Can I do it with two kids and a husband, to whom I am dedicated?

I wrote to a friend this morning about his research project on recovery in New Orleans. "You have overcome so many real barriers -- and sidestepped other apparent ones -- to not only make some important progress in your field, but also to make a difference in others lives." I recognized in my heart, immediately upon writing it, how much I wish that others will be able to say the same about me some day.


Doug said...

Lack of doubt would be absurd. But. I'd say that you have had the opportunity to develop a fixity of purpose that will stand you in good stead. What you're thinking perhaps, is that those other students have more to toss out of the wagon when the trail gets tough. The dog, plants, hiking, movies, delightful nights out -- I expect you tossed them already if you ever had them.

What you know is what is important to you, and most of them haven't had the chance to find out. You're not going to drift into law and discover it was all a mistake.

Still, there's no guarantee that law _school_ isn't a mistake. It may turn out you can't afford it one way or another. So then you'll do the best thing you can at that time, right?

I was going to offer you our goat to upstage the dog owners, but I'd feel (partly) bad if you accepted.

Good fortune be with you and may all your skills contribute to this new venture.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can do it!