Sunday, October 15, 2006

the cheering throng

Where are you people--who should be standing on the sidelines, by the bathtub, at the dinner table, in the "wayback" of the car--- attentively eavesdropping? If you were here with us, you would see such incredible progress! No, better, you would see heroic feats of courage and physical grace.
You would see Satya's expressiveness, dancing excerpts of the Nutcracker. You would hear her brilliant questions: "What do you most like about being human?" You would ponder her stunning edicts: "If someone creates a rule, then breaks the rule. It is not a rule anymore." You would see her kindness to Kuruna, in gentle songs and hilarious prat falls.
You would see Kuruna's perseverance, earnestly attempting Sign Language to expand his connections to the outside world. You would hear him put new words to old music and old words to new music. You would see him almost climbing onto his sister's bed, surely to get there tomorrow.
Every day brings 4 new moments of Glory for each of them. I want to give them a medal, shower them with applause. I want all the world to cheer them on as they push through every barrier in front of them. that even on days when (I am so tired that) I am not sure if I can go on, they know they can.

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Sassy Pants said...

Welcome back : )

What I like most about being human is laughter - guffaws, giggles and everything in between.