Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Global Warming and football

Thomas Friedman in the Times today said: The biggest energy deficit we have right now in America is the energy to lead on this issue. I have a five year old nominee.

In a recent conversation about the origins of Gatorade, Satya asked why it was necessary to create an electrolyte sports drink. I explained the severe conditions under which young men train for the fall football season. I mentioned not only the hot humid Florida weather, but also how football uniforms with their layers of padding and jerseys and medical tape compound the problem, making it hard to rehydrate with water alone.

"So why don't they just play football in the winter so they don't risk sweating so much?" she asked. "And," she continued, "why don't they schedule basketball season early in the fall and possibly soccer?"

It seemed so simple. "Because they don't have a smart girl like you to run the athletics program," I replied, thinking that if she can solve the problems facing Division 1 college sports at age five, perhaps she'll be ready to work on the energy crisis by age nine or so.

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