Thursday, July 12, 2007

Declaratory ruling over breakfast

This morning for breakfast Satya wants Cheerios and milk. This is a traditional meal in our family (yes, we are making it up as we go along. This breakfast entree has been a mainstay since Staya could gum food from her fist. So as family traditions go, this one is well established -- so well established it has a song associated with it. It goes "Cheerios and milk, and Milk! and Cheer-ee-oos!; Cherios and miilk, and Milk"...oh nevermind!).
Anyway, miracle hubby (MH) gets her a bowlof Cheerios and milk--which she rifles through--He then asks her if she wants some more, to which she replies yes. So MH gets a scooper full of O's and put them in her bowl and walks away. Satya then asks if she could have some more milk as well.
And then she says: "Dad it's called 'cheerios and milk', not 'cheerios and bowl.'"

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